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Ten interns live together, with six interns in single rooms in Hidden Villa’s historic White House and four interns in two larger double rooms in the adjacent Brownlee Cottage; all share a kitchen, living room and bathrooms September through May. The Creek House next door houses three interns, each with a single room and shared communal spaces. The Journeyman Farmer position is housed in Steinmann's cabin, a single resident building. All residents participate in house meetings, chores, and rotating cooking duties.

During the summer season, the farm is shared with camp staff, as well as participants of our Summer Camps. Summer housing assignments vary on the program area with which interns are involved.  Certain camp positions may require Youth Development, Environmental Education and Public Programs interns to move out of the White House or Brownlee Cottage. Development, Animal Husbandry and Community Supported Agriculture interns typically do not serve as camp staff and will most likely keep their room assignments.

In addition to housing interns also have access to produce, meat & dairy products from the farm when available, as well as paid holiday time, vacation, and sick leave. 

Monday Classes/Field Trips

Each Monday (September-May) interns attend Monday enrichment classes that cover topics intended to provide additional learning on a variety of topics, including animal husbandry, sustainable agriculture, horticulture, education, and nonprofit administration. One Monday a month the intern class takes an organized field trip to visit and network with other organizations, farms, and places of interest in the community.


Interns are also encouraged to work with other staff and/or partnering organizations on individual projects, termed “externships.” Projects are in addition to normal work responsibilities, and are focused on expanding each intern’s depth of knowledge in a subject area related to their future career goals.  Past examples include one-on-one mentoring of youth interested in farming, off-site teaching about garden and food issues, construction of animal shelters, ESL curriculum, and more.

Summer Programs

Youth Development, Environmental Education and Public Program Interns will work as a part of our summer counseling staff and will have an opportunity to apply to be a summer camp Program Head or summer camp Auxiliary Staff. We offer camp programs for youth ages 6-17. 

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