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Hidden Villa Environmental Education Program

For Preschool through 6th Grade

Hidden Villa’s Environmental Education Program, founded on the first Earth Day in 1970, is dedicated to inspiring a sense of wonder and discovery for the natural world, as well as exploring the vital inter-relationships that connect us to it.  Our programs incorporate several elements of the California State Science Standards for each grade level.

We offer guided, hands-on explorations of our organic farm and wilderness area for school groups.  Plan your field trip today!

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bottom_module_creek_explorers_hveep_creek_trail_dqVisit us during the 2013-2014 School Year

Preschool - 1st Grade Registration
2nd - 6th Grade Registration
Registration dates are below:

 August 21, 3:00 pm - August 22, 6:00 pm:  Overnight programs only
 August 26, 3:00 pm- August 27, 6:00 pm:   Scholarship eligible schools only
 September 3, 3:00 pm:  Open Registration for Fall/Winter programs
 October 2, 3:00 pm:      Open Registration for Spring programs