School and Teen Programs

For 7th through 12th Grade

Our Youth Development Mission:
We inspire young leaders to become agents of change by encouraging self-respect and empathy, community engagement, stewardship, and a connection to the natural world.
By means of:

  • Instilling a sense of belonging, usefulness, competence, and empowerment
  • Nurturing, continuous contact with skilled Youth Development professionals
  • Intensive and active collaborative experiences
  • Hands-on service projects teaching skills and values
  • Using the natural world of farm and wilderness as a teacher

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Contact Us:

Bill Dudley
(650) 949-9703

bottom_module_youth_dev_programREGISTER FOR YOUR 2013-2014 PROGRAMS

Please contact our Bill Dudley with our Youth Development Program to sign-up for school field trips for grades 7-12.

(650) 949-9703