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From Young Adult Participants

“Thank you so much for bringing me here, this was really life changing”.
From a student who came from a very difficult family life
“This is a movement; I want to take this back and show people what we do to each other and how we can change”.
“ I knew how I should treat people, but this experience made me understand how what I think are jokes can really hurt someone, it’s changed me’.


A poem from one youth
“I learned a lot of things,
too many for me to count.
From waterbreaks and trail maintenance
To animals and care.
I learned ’bout building garden beds
And covercropping too.
I acquired so many skills
Too many for me to count,
But I’ll remember,
So don’t you worry,
All that I’ve been taught.
I really enjoyed the energy,
The community that was there,
The feeling shadowed all my tasks,
Lurking just around the bend.
I love the sense of family, the underlying goal,
The message nature whispered, the bonding she provided.
When we all worked together,
And bridged all the differences,
I saw how life could be, if…
Cities turned to gardens, and farms sprung up from nowhere,
And people closed the gaps.”

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