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Our programs are designed to inspire young adults to take greater responsibility in their own lives and their world. We have ongoing relationships with teachers, schools, community and civic organizations which provide vital partnerships for the development of our youth.

Youth Leadership Intensive

tilted_yd_3 A four day/night residential workshop that addresses issues of gender, racial and cultural stereotyping, non-violent communication, and skills training for engagement in social and environmental justice activism. Groups stay in the Hidden Villa Hostel. Youth Leadership Intensives run twice per year; October and February.

Youth Development Field Trips to Hidden Villa

For high school classes or other youth groups and involve hands-on activities focused on matching environmental science or social studies curriculum with collaborative work.  Youth Development Field Trips are available from September through May.

Service Learning Projectstilted_yd_2

Take place at Hidden Villa or at our partner school and community sites. Our Service Learning Projects engage youth in team building and skill building projects with a focus on sustainability.  We offer one-day projects as well as projects that can be accomplished over a number of days. Some examples of our projects include school garden or greenhouse construction, stream care and restoration, wilderness trail maintenance, native plant propagation and garden design, as well as organic farming and harvesting for community use.  Service Learning Projects are available all year.


Teacher Training Workshops

Half-day or full day workshops that provide training to teachers on current Youth Development practices. Our Teacher Training Workshops are available all year.

Food and Farm Justice Day

A program that focuses on healthy food and food systems. Participants rotate through activity stations about organic farming, healthy food choices, local food sources and food labor issues.  The program also includes a “farm feast” which consists of working together to harvest, cook, prepare, and eat a farm to table lunch.  Food and Farm Justice Days are available September through May.

Social Justice Programs

One-day or half-day workshops on specific social justice issues. The topics we offer include our Immigration Rights Program, LGBT Program, and Anti-bullying Program.  Social Justice Programs are available September through April.

Farm Academy

A 6 week, two days per week program for youth interested in learning basic organic farming principles and exploring issues of food justice and sustainability.  Regular instruction in topics like soil fertility, irrigation techniques, and plant propagation is combined with field work and harvesting to create a hands on learning experience. Farm Academy runs from Late June to Early August. Registration for this program is through our Summer Camp Department. Learn more about Farm Academy by visiting our Teen Apprenticeships located under Summer Camp.