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Chris Overington, Executive Director
Chris Overington held the position of HVEEP Director from 1994 to 2004 when he assumed the position of Director of Programs & Community Partnerships and in 2007 stepped up as Executive Director. In this new role Chris' long-term service to Hidden Villa and extensive background in experiential education, curriculum and program development, and a strong commitment to children's education is invaluable. Prior to coming to Hidden Villa Chris worked for five years in teaching positions at Nature’s Classroom and Life Tech Ventures (two outdoor teaching programs in Massachusetts). Chris holds BSc and MSc, from the University of London, and has completed a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education, University of Sussex.


Chris Overington, Executive Director
Sandra Hutchings, Director of Finance and Administration
Susan Love, Operations Manager
Lucy Zhang, Accountant

Development, Volunteers, Internships

Karen Wilkes, Director of Development 
Daniel Chmielewski, Volunteer and Public Relations Manager
Jessica Duval, Development Manager
Sofia Pablo-Hoshino, Program Manager (Internships)
Marlene Plain, Development Assistant
Emma Farmer, Development Intern

Visitor Services, Public Programs, Facility Rentals
Marc Sidel, Director of Visitor Services
Nicky Crummett, Community Programs Manager
Lindsay Hedgecock, Community Programs Coordinator
Elisa Haan, Volunteer and Visitor Services Intern
Brian Lee, Community Programs Intern
Solveig Orngard, Community Programs Intern
Margaret Davis, Facility Rentals Manager
Kristin Ziegler, Facility Rentals Assistant Manager
Amanda Zimmerman, Facility Rentals Assistant 

Environmental Education (HVEEP)

Garth Harwood, Director of Education
Nicolette Heaphy, Teacher Naturalist and Farm Liaison
Nicole Carbone, Teacher Naturalist and Volunteer Liaison
Colleen Rafferty, Programs Manager
Isabella Backman, Education Intern
Eileen Daley, Education Intern
Joseph Edmondson, Education Intern
Febe Granados, Education Intern
Kiara Hampton, Education Intern
Savannah Woods, Education Intern

Summer Camp and Youth Development

Leslie Luck, Camp Admissions Manager
Ke'ili Deal, Camp Program Manager
Rachel Deliz, Youth Development Program Manager
Jordan Bass, Youth Development Teacher/Day Camp Supervisor
Jesse Taylor, Youth Develoment Teacher/Day Camp Supervisor
Anavictoria Alfonso, Youth Development Intern

Facilities and Sustainable Agriculture

Jason McKenney, Facilities and Agriculture Director
Lanette Anderson, Assistant Farm Manager, Horticulturist/Flower Farmer
Wesley Mills, Property Manager
Jesse Dolan, Assistant Property Manager
Blair Thompson, Animal Husbandry Manager
Virginia Clay, Animal Husbandry Assistant Manager
Paul Higgins, Animal Husbandry Intern
Claire Amsden, CSA Intern
Ray Hughes, CSA Intern