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Thank you to all who have helped to make this website!  We would like to especially recognize:

Our Funder

Whitney Education Foundation

Our Website Project Director

Marc Sidel

Our Website Project Manager

Bryden Johnston

Our Website Project Intern

Margarete Dorr

Our Website Project Volunteers

Nick Janikian and Duyen Pham

Our Website Designer

Alexander Atkins from Alexander Atkins Design, Inc.

Our Website Technical Developer

Dave Snow from SnowTech Media

Our Information Technology Taskforce

Mary Colvig, Joe Durand, Joe Eandi, Sandra Hutchings, Stew Plock, Justin Sears, Ed Simon, Peter Thurston, and Rita Whitney.

Our Mission Fulfillment Committee

Sumbul Ali-Karamali, Margalynne Armstrong, Eric Chang, Chair, Mai Dam, David Duveneck, Lys Goodman, Diane Greenberg, Michale Hamilton, Chris Overington, Stew Plock, Lee Price, Dan Quinn, Leah Sutton, Peter Thurston, Kathie Underdal, Bill Whitmer, and Rita Whitney.

Our Volunteer Photographers

Laurie Aubuchon, Joel Bartlett, Daniel Chmielewski, Niki Gribi, K Shur, Dan Quinn, Diana Welch, and Lucy Zhang

You can see their beautiful photography of our programs and land featured throughout the site, with their initials at the end of the image file title.

Our Website Testers

Kevin Brosnan, William Chen, Mark Christian, Stephen Donner, Joe Durand, Gandalf, Jane, Marc Jessome, Tobias Markus, Mayumi Matsuno, Laura Mesa, Osunick, Owen, Pascal, Krupa Raj, Don Ravey, Mary Trombley, Shannon, Vineel, and Greg Wojcik