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Women’s Full Moon Circle


Join a group of inspiring women to tap into wisdom, to connect and commune with creative feminine energy, the Moon, singing frogs, hooting owls, Stars, Air, Earth, Fire, Water: The Greater Web of Life. From a place of safety, warmth and honoring, we can share, learn, give, receive, open, renew and grow. We are usually outdoors around a fire except if it is a spare the air day, raining or extremely cold then we will be indoors.

IMPORTANT: Contact Katherine by emailing glasak@yahoo.comso she can send you important details, last minute updates, and can answer questions. 

FACILITATOR: Katherine Glasa www.TrueVibrancy.com BROUGHT TO YOU BY: www.WomensHealingConference.com 

Who Is This For?

This circle is for women and teen girls, and not always appropriate for little ones. If you wish to bring a younger girl, or have any questions please check with a facilitator first at glasak@yahoo.com


A full moon in the sky behind the leaves of a tree