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Youth Development: Cesar Chavez Living History


In 1965, Cesar Chavez organized a group of activists at Hidden Villa to plan the largest strike in Californiaƍs history. Step back in time and discover the historical events leading up to the Delano Grape Strike and the creation of the United Farm Workers union. Experience the daily struggles of a farm worker, participate in a lively debate on human rights, and study the tactics used by Cesar Chavez to demand change for a more just and sustainable future.


high schoolers sitting in a circle on the lawn


Half Day: $20 per person (32 person max.)
Full Day: $30 per person (32 person max.)

We do our best to accommodate all youth and have some scholarship capacity, including transportation reimbursement for new groups. Please check the box in the inquiry form if you are interested in learning more.

Over-Capacity Fee:
Groups that exceed the capacities listed above will require pre-approval before scheduling. Pending approval, groups that exceed capacity for their selected program will be charged an additional $2 per person.

Retreat Add-Ons:
Hostel Overnight: $20 per person per night
Animal Chores: $10 per person
Night Hike: $10 per person
Pre-Visit to your Classroom or Organization: $100 per visit




We offer half day or full day courses.  

Who Is This For?

This is for groups of youth in grades 7 through 12.