Hidden Villa has opened trail access via reservation system. Go to our visit page to find more information.

Special Skills Volunteer


Do you have a special skill that would help Hidden Villa?

We are looking for volunteers with specialized skills in carpentry, woodworking, automobile/ tractor repair, and landscaping. We could also use volunteer support in archiving historical records, information technology, blacksmithing, and veterinary medicine.

Do you have specialized skills or knowledge you would like to share with the community?

Our program team is always seeking new ideas for classes and we love to provide a way for volunteers to share their expertise and passion with the community.  If you think your class is a good fit for Hidden Villa, let us know what you want to teach. Make sure to tell us about your special skill on the volunteer application!



Required commitment level is dependent on project or activity.

Program Benefits

Putting your expertise and passion to work for Hidden Villa can be very rewarding and provide a huge benefit to the community.  Other benefits include: 


  • Hidden Villa Parking Pass
  • Volunteer t-shirt
  • Discounted rates on tickets to special events.  
  • Seasonal appreciation gathering for volunteers who complete at least 10 hours
  • Written letters of recommendation and official volunteer hours for external program requirements



Required qualifications will vary depending on the specific activity.  All Special Skill Volunteers must be able to commit to the project that they take on and be willing to work within our policies and procedures. Volunteers must also clear a background check.