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Wilderness Escape for Teens


Do you need to break free from daily distractions and reset with some time in the wilderness? This empowering experience emphasizes the importance of wilderness in reestablishing the stability necessary to achieve and maintain a happier, healthier life. We invite you to explore this life-changing opportunity to connect on a deeper level, live in the present moment, and embody the authentic expression of oneself. In this 2-day adventure program, teens build a strong sense of community to develop experiential learning skills essential for real-world success by achieving both personal and group goals.

Teens will be lead by experienced, CPR and First Aid certified trekking guides for a 2 night overnight.  Food will be provided for the trip in addition to resupply opportunities, communications with Hidden Villa base camp, and time to learn and practice orienteering skills. 

Teens will need to come prepared with their own backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, hiking boots and appropriate clothing.  Detailed packing lists will be provided before the program.  



Teens Smiling in Nature

Who Is This For?

For youth ages 14 - 18.  All experience levels welcome!