Land and Facility Director


Hidden Villa is an educational organization that uses its farm, wilderness, and the surrounding facility as a tool for teaching while emphasizing environmental education and social responsibility. Our mission is to foster educational experiences that build connections and inspire a deeper appreciation and respect for nature, food, and one another. Hidden Villa is a private, nonprofit organization with a 60 year history and an excellent reputation.

 Position Title:  Land and Facility Director

Statement of Purpose: To set the vision and standards for Hidden Villa’s land use as it strives to be an ecologically responsible facility and farm that brings a powerful model uniquely leveraged for educational impact.

Reports to:  Executive Director

Department:  Facilities Maintenance

This is a Residential Position-There is a two bedroom one bathroom duplex on the Hidden Villa property that accommodates this position.

Position Description:  

Hidden Villa is poised to move into its next cycle of growth leveraging its property and facility resources to enhance and support its extensive programming and is looking for an organizational leader to drive this process forward. Long term strategic goals of supporting programs and deepening mission impact will be deployed to evolve Hidden Villa into a model of a sustainable and climate-conscious organization. This will require a dedicated and visionary leader to propel and support programs and staff. The Land and Facility Director will manage the operations at Hidden Villa by leading the farm, animal husbandry, horticulture, housekeeping, buildings and rentals, and maintenance teams in building and implementing a long term vision for the property with measurable and attainable goals. Hidden Villa is a large and varied property serving over 50,000 people annually in various capacities. The Property Department provides support for programs and events offered to the community, ensures safe experiences on the property, implements an annual plan for maintenance and program support, implements the strategic vision, develops a prioritized plan of capital improvement projects for the annual budget, ensures the responsiveness, professionalism and organization of the Property Department, and enforces Hidden Villa’s policies.

Terms of Employment

Working Hours:  8 – 5 weekdays, responsible for 24 hour “on call” coverage and rotating weekend duty.  Housing and related expenses (utilities, maintenance) are provided by Hidden Villa. This position will be available in January 2020.

Salary:  Commensurate with experience.

Benefits: Hidden Villa provides a generous benefits plan including health, vision, dental and life insurance.  A 403(b) plan with employer match is also available.


Responsibilities and Duties:

  • As a senior leader in the organization you will attend executive committee “Leaf Team” meetings to strategize, develop, and implement mission related goals twice monthly. Communicate these goals and decisions with your Department. Initiate Hidden Villa’s decision making process and work with all staff and contractors.
  • The Land and Facility Director will provide leadership and management support to the farm, animal husbandry, horticulture, housekeeping, buildings and rentals, and maintenance teams in building and implementing a long term vision for the property with measurable and attainable goals.
  • Organize and align all departmental budgets and job descriptions to facilitate strategic planning goals and strategies.
  • Inventory, document and evaluate current facility usage and demands and develop a multi-year plan to build organizational alignment around core competencies and strategies by fully leveraging all facilities and programmatic spaces to their highest use.
  • Develop and implement strategies to achieve property, land use, and customer response goals, as well as safety needs.
  • Oversee accurate records of maintenance and improvement of buildings, systems and machinery
  • Implement a proactive and multi-year schedule for anticipated major improvements and replacements with a focus on exploring and upholding sustainability best practices
  • Provide risk management oversight of the property and facilities.  Enforce OSHA and ACA Camp safety regulations and adhere to all local and state regulations
  • Work effectively with volunteer groups and individuals to accomplish goals
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds without assistance, which may include lifting tables, chairs, equipment, supplies, or other materials
  • This is a working manager position and candidates will engage in physically demanding skilled trade work on facilities, equipment, vehicles, trails, landscaping, farm, etc.


Essential Skills, Education, Experience and Personal Qualities

  • Experience and knowledge of environmentally sustainable technologies and regenerative agricultural practice
  • 5 years of experience managing staff and collaborating with departments
  • Good working knowledge in maintenance including electrical, plumbing or other construction trades
  • Current demonstrated knowledge of property and facilities good practices and sustainable practices
  • A strong strategic thinker who can continually evaluate Hidden Villa’s practices
  • Ability to prioritize work based on safety needs and programmatic use and delegate effectively
  • Maintain performance and good attitude under pressure or during stressful situations
  • Good computer skills

Core Competencies

Measurable Goals and Behaviors

All Hidden Villa staff are expected to demonstrate competency in regard to being:

  • A strong leader who will work well with other staff, collaborate proactively and responsive
  • Committed to working with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Implements the organizational strategic goals in a systematic approach
  • Utilizes Hidden Villa’s assets focused on mission impact, efficiency, and maximum usage
  • Attentive and proactive to programmatic and constituent needs providing high quality customer service
  • Accountable to organizational goals and budget
  • Will consistently produce high quality work respecting Hidden Villa’s values.

How to Apply

Please email your resume and cover letter to Your cover letter will be considered a writing sample. All applicants will be required to do Livescan fingerprinting before hire.