Preparing for Spring with Maharishi Ayurveda


Spring is a very important time from an Ayurvedic perspective to perform a deep cleanse of your body, gain back balance and get ready for Summer!

Join Dr. Sachin at this important time to build immunity and remove Ama and Ama Visha from your body.

While some people are unaffected by pollen, foods and other allergens, many are not.  This class will help us to understand that the reaction is not coming from the allergen itself, but instead the presence of Amavisha in the body or in Subdoshas that provokes allergens to create a reaction.

"Depending upon the area of our body Ama settle in, it creates the reactive Amavisha."  From an Ayurvedic perspective, this is the basis of many health concerns and issues in our lives!" - Dr. Sachin

Why do Spring Detox?

During the cold season, due to improper lifestyle and diet, we tend to accumulate kapha and ama.  The result is that we may feel sluggish, tired and lacking in initiative.  We may also have muscle and joint aches, or multiple other symptoms.  With the coming of the season of Spring, (Called Vasanta in Ayurveda) Ayurveda recommends we detox our bodies.  There are several ways to detox.  These may include individualized Pancha karma treatments along with diet changes, exercise and yoga routines and herbal preparations. 

Participants will be lead through meditative reflection, a presentation on Ayurvedic practices that will enhance your spring performance and enjoy some prepared foods and nutrition tips.






Who Is This For?

While the content will be reach and complex, all ages are welcome to join for the program.  Children are offered a $10 ticket at check-out.