Hidden Villa is open to visitors Tuesday - Sunday from 9am to dusk. Learn More on our visit page.

Friendship Coveys (for K-6th graders)


Join our fully reimagined "Friendship Coveys" program! Coveys are pods of approximately 10 youth, with a dedicated Hidden Villa teacher who will spend one afternoon a week with them at Hidden Villa for 8 consecutive weeks. Coveys will explore the very best the farm and forest have to offer, and balance fun with hands-on learning.

In addition to our traditional explorations through the education garden, animal farm, and wilderness areas, our instructors will design intentional time for Social-Emotional Learning each week (SEL).

Social-Emotional Learning

We know our children and youth have experienced unprecedented levels of anxiety and isolation over the past 18 months and we are excited to create a space in which children can learn how to be better friends to themselves, others, the community, and the environment! With our caring instructor's guidance, students will practice understanding and managing emotions, showing respect and empathy for others, and establishing and maintaining positive relationships. Each session will open with a mindfulness exercise, followed by a simple lesson designed to help kids recognize what they're feeling, and how to cope with it; or a lesson focused on growing empathy for others.

This Covey experience will encourage kids to "be a better friend to themselves and others," and over 8 weeks, each student should find themselves with an emotional toolkit that will help them maintain resilience for a long time to come.

Organic Garden

Using our Educational Garden as our learning laboratory, we will explore the world of our cultivated plants and the friends and foes that live with them. What is edible in the garden? What serves another purpose? What does it take to start a garden of your own? Find out this and so much more.

Farm Animals

What does it mean to be a working farm? How we work to create happy and healthy lives for our farm animals who give us so much in return, and what it really takes to raise farm animals. Bonus: What do the words vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan mean? Why do people make choices like those?


Welcome to the endlessly fascinating world of nature. Join us as we explore a variety of natural phenomena that bring the outdoors to your class or home, and as we consider our own part in the natural cycles around us.

There will be plenty of time for fun, games, and exploration too!


Who Is This For?

This program is for children in Kindergarten through 6th Grade.


$400 per student. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please indicate "invoice me" as your payment method and we'll reach out to you to arrange.

Cancellation Policy: Final payment is due upon registration, or if you are invoiced then 30 days before your program session. If you need to cancel, you must notify us by email [email protected]. We cannot give refunds for partial attendance of the 8-week program. Full refund if notice is received 30 days before the event. 50% refund if notice is received within 29-15 days of the event. No refunds if notice is received within 14 days of the event.