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Hidden Villa Coveys (Animals and their Needs)


Part 1: Mammals (Domestic)

As mammals we have a few basic needs that govern our lives. Although they may look different, other members of the class Mammalia also have the very same basic needs.  Join us as we compare and contrast the needs of you, me, and your favorite farm mammals. 


Part 2: Herpetology: Studying Reptiles and Amphibians (Wild)

Now that we have examined what mammals need to survive, let’s look outside ourselves to some other natural friends. With different structures come different functions. It’s fun to puzzle over what functions different structures may have! We will also explore what reptiles and amphibians need to be happy and healthy. 


Part 3: Birds (Wild vs Domestic)

As we leave the safety of the ground and soar upwards, we examine another important category of animal life: Birds. This session will involve comparing and contrasting wild and domesticated birds, as well as an exploration of basic bird biology. What are the most important adaptations of birds? Where did feathers come from, and what makes them work so well? Why are some birds so much more colorful than others? We will explore these topics and more.


Part 4: Bugging Out on Insects(in the Garden)

Small but awesome in their impacts, these creatures sometimes make us itch, but much more often, they help us by allowing us to eat most of our favorite fruits and vegetables, and in many other ways too. In our final session we will explore the unique biology of insects and the many things that insects do for us and for the environment at large - and why we might not be able to survive without them!



$150 per student.  If you would like to apply for a scholarship, click on "invoice me" in the payment section and we'll contact you to arrange.

Cancellation policy:  Final payment is due upon registration, or if you are invoiced then 30 days before your program session.  If you need to cancel, you must notify us by email registrations@hiddenvilla.org  For Covey sessions we cannot give refunds for partial attendance.Full refund if notice is received 30 days before the event. 50% refund if notice is received within 29-15 days of the event. No refunds if notice is received within 14 days of the event.