Jan 14: Fun with Fungus Fundamentals (Fun^3),Pt 1


A playful introduction to the awesomely strange, wonderful, and utterly essential world of the fungi. This class will be based on slides and collected specimens to prepare us for follow-up field days on 1/28 and 2/11 (choose either or both). Participants will learn about the major types of fungi, how to identify them, how to make a spore print, best practices for collecting, safety considerations, and more. Each class may be taken singly, but pairing the 2 class parts is highly recommended. 

Good to Know

1. Depending on weather, this class may take place entirely indoors, or at most involve brief excursions during weather breaks to nearby fungal colonies. Unlike most classes, we will proceed rain or shine for this one.

2. Classes may involve 1-2 miles of gentle walking.

3. Masks are optional unless Santa Clara County enters a high risk level.


All Classes in the Seasonal Cycles Natural History Series are $30/person.

If you are an individual planning to take 4 classes in the series, you can sign-up for the Seasonal Cycles Natural History Series Bundle on the previous page for $100 for any four classes.

Who Is This For?

Motivated students of nature, of any age.  Children 12 and younger need to be accompanied by a registered adult.