Know Your Enemy: All About Ticks! – March 11


March is prime time for ticks throughout our region. This class will introduce you to our 3 locally-common tick species, especially the Lyme-disease carrier Ixodes pacificus, the Deer or Western Black-legged Tick. You will learn how to identify them AND how to avoid them, which species to relax about and which species to take seriously, where they are likely to be found and where they are not, how to remove them if they bite, and what to do after a bite to protect yourself. We will also find living ticks along the trails and learn how to turn the tables and "play tricks on ticks." Finally, we'll also explore their bizarre and fascinating ecology and behaviors. This class will empower you to protect yourself, your family, and all future hiking companions!

Good to Know

1. Heavy rain cancels, as most class activities take place outdoors. Dress in layers for variable weather.

2. Classes may involve 1-2 miles of gentle walking.

3. Masks are optional unless Santa Clara County enters a high risk level.


All Classes in the Seasonal Cycles Natural History Series are $30/person.

If you are an individual planning to take 4 classes in the series, you can sign-up for the Seasonal Cycles Natural History Series Bundle on the previous page for $100 for any four classes.

Who Is This For?

Motivated students of nature, of any age. Children 12 and younger need to be accompanied by a registered adult.