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EdVenture 1: Farm Discovery


Applications will be processed in the order they are received and we will do our best to accommodate your preferred date(s).  You will receive an invoice and confirmation from us as soon as your order is processed.  Note, we no longer require a deposit.  

***Please refer to the "cost" section, below, so that you understand the new group pricing system before you place your order.  

Bring your students for a hands-on experience that will enrich their learning and activate their curiosity for both science and environmental literacy. Using our farm, animals, and environment, we will engage students in the NGSS concepts found in Life Science 1 (LS1-1) appropriate to their grade level.

As students explore the garden and farm they will look for patterns of what plants and animals need to survive. They will discover many examples of how plants and animals use their external parts to help them get their needs met and grow. Bringing students to this program will give your students discovery experiences that you can draw on to teach back in the classroom.


Kids touching rings of a tree stump


This program lasts approximately 3 hours, from 10 am to 1 pm.  Start times are flexible to meet the needs of schools and transportation needs.  Students should bring a lunch and plan to pack out their trash.


Please note that our fee structure has changed, starting Fall, 2019.  

We no longer charge separately for students and adults.  We now enroll total "participants" in group sizes/units as follows (the cost per unit is $160 for September-February and $176 for March-June).  

If your group size is:             You will be charged for:

Up to 9 people                       1 unit

10-17 people                         2 units

18-26 people                         3 units

27-35 people                         4 units

36-44 people                         5 units

45-53 people                         6 units

54-62 people                         7 units

63-72 people                         8 units

The maximum number of students we can accommodate per program is 64.

Hidden Villa does not mandate a specific student/adult ratio, but strongly suggests limiting it to approximately 8 students to one adult, for the purposes of supervision and support, while also allowing for the most students possible to participate.  Our low adult- to-child ratio provides a safe and well-supervised visit, while optimizing students' educational opportunities.  

Limited scholarship funds are available for schools with 25%+ of their students eligible for the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program.  Scholarships are detailed on the registration site.  Scholarship information can be found on the registration site and can only apply to programs conducted September - February.  Funds run out quickly, so sign up early!  


We can accommodate a maximum of 64 students. If you need to exceed 64 students, please contact us at hveep@hiddenvilla.org or (650) 949-8644 and we will try to accommodate you.

After the opening circle, students will be divided into groups of approximately 10.