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  • Youth Development Programs

    Hidden Villa’s Youth Development programs inspire young leaders to become agents of change by encouraging respect, empathy, stewardship, critical-thinking, and community engagement. Our group programs are an opportunity to engage your class or youth group in hands-on, experiential learning across our farm and wilderness areas. We offer nine different programs in half day or full day formats. Program descriptions are available below.

    Our programs can be combined to create multi-day retreats with overnight accommodations in our youth hostel or camping. Overnight retreats can also be enhanced with afternoon animal chores or a night hike. We look forward to collaborating with you to provide the best experience for your youth.

    In addition to our group programs for schools and other youth organizations, we also offer year-round public programs for teens. These include after-school and summer opportunities for teens to develop new skills and gain a deeper understanding of sustainable agriculture and other topics. Please click here to learn more.

    To learn more or inquire about available dates, please click here or contact the Youth Development Manager, Rachel Deliz, at or 650-949-8606.

  • Farm & Food

    Farm & Food

    Farm & Wilderness Exploration
    Our most popular program takes youth on an interactive journey through our organic farm, garden, and wilderness preserve. Visit our humanely-raised production animals, learn about our sustainable farming practices, and experience the wonders of the forest through nature-based activities.

    Half Day: $22 per person (40 person max.)
    Full Day: $32 per person (40 person max.)

    Farm to Fork
    From collecting eggs in the chicken coop to gathering herbs in the Educational Garden, Hidden Villa takes cooking from scratch to new depths. Students investigate and harvest farm fresh ingredients, then prepare a delicious treat to share. Recipes vary depending on seasonal availability. Please contact us if your group has any food allergies or dietary restrictions.

    Half Day: $32 per person (20 person max.)
    Full Day: $40 per person (32 person max.)

    Cesar Chavez Living History
    In 1965, Cesar Chavez organized a group of activists at Hidden Villa to plan the largest strike in California’s history. Step back in time and discover the historical events leading up to the Delano Grape Strike and the creation of the United Farm Workers union. Experience the daily struggles of a farm worker, participate in a lively debate on human rights, and study the tactics used by Cesar Chavez to demand change for a more just and sustainable future.

    Half Day: $20 per person (32 person max.)
    Full Day: $30 per person (32 person max.)

  • Nature & Wilderness

    Nature & Wilderness

    Naturalist Adventure
    Explore Hidden Villa’s wilderness trails and discover inspiration in our natural environment. On this fun and interactive day, your group will be guided through ecosystems and activities designed to spark curiosity, connection, and critical thought. Youth will hike 2-3 miles on trail.

    Half Day: $20 per person (40 person max.)
    Full Day: $30 per person (40 person max.)

    A Dynamic Web
    Discover the interconnected community of plants and animals that make their home at Hidden Villa. Engage in hands-on environmental science and explore ecological concepts such as adaptation, diversity, interdependence, and energy cycles. Participate in exciting field studies on our trails that may include plant identification, soil sampling, compost sifting, watershed study, and a bio survey of aquatic macroinvertebrates.

    Half Day: $20 per person (32 person max.)
    Full Day: $30 per person (40 person max.)

  • Leadership Development

    Leadership Development

    Leadership Initiatives
    Develop teamwork, trust, cooperation, and communication through a variety of small-group initiatives. From warm-up games to complex team challenges, your group will discover strategies to overcome obstacles and accomplish common goals. This program will strengthen your team’s cohesion and help youth discover their leadership potential.

    Half Day: $20 per person (32 person max.)
    Full Day: $30 per person (40 person max.)

    High Ropes Challenge
    Foster self-confidence and create a lasting sense of accomplishment on Hidden Villa’s high ropes course. Youth will be encouraged to step out of their comfort zone in a supportive environment by navigating our exciting high ropes elements. *In the event of rain or severe weather, we will modify our programming to ensure student safety.*

    Half Day: $32 per person (20 person max.)
    Full Day: $40 per person (32 person max.)

    Service-Based Learning

    Contribute to the future of Hidden Villa’s land and legacy with a valuable service learning project. Learn transferrable skills, cultivate a sense of stewardship, and positively impact your community. Projects vary depending on seasonal needs and may include grounds enhancements, wilderness trail maintenance, and assisting in the agricultural fields.

    Half Day: $14 per person (20 person max.)
    Full Day: $22 per person (32 person max.)

  • Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Program Add-Ons:
    Hostel Overnight: $20 per person per night
    Animal Chores: $10 per person
    Night Hike: $10 per person
    Pre-Visit to your Classroom or Organization: $100 per visit

    Over-Capacity Fee:
    Groups that exceed the capacities listed above will require pre-approval before scheduling. Pending approval, groups that exceed capacity for their selected program will be charged an additional $2 per person.

    We do our best to accommodate all youth and have some scholarship capacity.
    Please contact us for more information:

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Teen Aprenticeships

Check out our after-school and summer opportunities for teens to gain hands-on experience on the farm!