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Our Flowers


We offer seasonal organic flower arrangements grown on our farm for special events.  Our florist works together with our organic farm crew to produce beautiful and unique seasonal flowers to compliment any event.  Flowers are an integral part of the health and vitality of our organic farm system providing attractive habitat for beneficial insects and pollinators that maintain ecological balance in our fields.  Buying local flowers supports good farming practices and minimizes energy and resource consumption.  

Our Florist


Arrangements are made by Lanette Anderson, our resident horticulturalist and flower specialist. Lanette developed a taste and a basis of academic knowledge of flowers at the University of CA Santa Cruz before joining the Hidden Villa community.  She has been growing and arranging flowers since 2008. 

Bookings & Inquires


If you are interested in this service component of our facility rentals, please contact Lanette at  Additionally Lanette teaches seasonal classes in flower arrangement, organic  growing, and wreath making.  Check out the public programs section of this website for more information about these events.