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Enhance your Experience

Our trails are now available on the official FREE Easy2Hike app. Enjoy a safe and awesome outdoor experience like never before. With the app you can find your location on the trail, see how far is the trail end, get great educational information on the points-of-interest and easily find the park facilities.

Get App

Download Easy2Hike app to your smartphone or tablet.

You can pre-download all maps, so even without cell service the maps will continue to work using your phone’s GPS signal.


The Easy2Hike app includes:

  • Points-of-Interest with educational content – don’t miss a thing!
  • View maps offline, even without a cell signal or Wi-Fi
  • See your location on the map 
  • Smart Notifications when you’re getting closer to a Point-of-Interest or leaving the trail.
  • Easily find the parking lots, restrooms or other park facilities
  • Discover new trails in the area around you

Focus on Nature

To make sure you keep your eyes on the nature around you and not on your mobile screen, the app uses smart notifications. When you get close to a point-of-interest the app will send a notification with the relevant information. This way you can get the information you need exactly when you need it and focus on enjoying your experience in nature on the rest of the time.


The app will also notify when you get off the trail, so you will never get lost.