Hidden Villa is closed to visitors for Summer Camp. Please check back in August to learn about your next visit. Thank you & have a great summer!

Supporters & Partners

Hidden Villa continues to grow and thrive thanks to the generosity of many individual and institutional donors as well as the hundreds of volunteers who contribute each year.  Thank you for your ongoing support!
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Individual Supporters

Thank you to all the individuals who contribute to Hidden Villa and sustain us as an organization you love. The names listed below are our supporters who have given $500 or more this year.

Tegan and Brian Acton

Irene and Alan Adler

Ana and Amer Akhtar

Marjory Alving

Terry and Genevieve Angelos


Debbie and Paul Baker

Wendy and Joel Bartlett

Toni Bassett

Steve Beck and Jane Baxter

Rosalind and Jonas Bordo

Patricia Brennan

Craig Britton and Carleen Bruins

Martha Carpenter

Nancy and John Cassidy

James Bigwood and Jay Cha

Nathalie and Mark Christian

Anne and Terry Clark

Leslie Claytor-True and Ramon True

Nobuko Saito Cleary and Gary Cleary

George and Trisha Clifford

Diana Sanson and Benjamin Compton

Ginger and Patrick Connolly

Sarah Craig and Robert Davey

Lisette Derouaux and Jeff Weiner

Kingston Duffie and Elizabeth Schwerer Duffie

Faith and Frederick Duhring

Ken and Jennifer Ebbitt

Jerry and Linda Elkind

Anna Zara and Robert English

Carol and Chris Espinosa

Sally and Craig Falkenhagen

Shannon Kilgore and Farrel Farhoudi

Marion Gallagher

Wesley and Jennifer Gardiner

Frances and Theodore Geballe

Alison Geballe

Debra Littleton-Gerow and Mark Gerow

Nan and Chuck Geschke

Lynn and Jim Gibbons

Mary and Clinton Gilliland

Norman Godinho

Susan and Tom Goodenough

Kit Gordon and Tony Alvarez

Diane and Harry Greenberg

Norma and Herb Grench

Eva Grove

Dan and Sondra Harding

Sheryl Heckmann

Ruth and Alfred Heller

Nancy and Jerre Hitz

Sue and Kurt Jaggers

Franklin and Cathie Johnson

The Kaplan Family

Ellen McGinty King

Carl King

Rachel and Richard Klausner

Richard and Liz Kniss

Liza Kniss-Salame

Charles and Stephanie Knowles

Donna and Bill Krepick

Whitney Lane

Robert Levenson and Susan Lang

Claudia Lapin

Sandra Fairon and Bruce Leak

James Forster and Joan LeMahieu

Mark and Debra Leslie

Tom and Ann Livermore

Peggy and Pedro Lizaur

Robert Mansfield

Linda and Jerry Mar

George and Judy Marcus

Noreen and Joseph Maresca

William and Marla McCormack

Harry and Christina McKinney

Victoria and James Merchant

Valerie and John Metcalfe

Margaret Miller

Sherilyn Moody

Marie and Geoffrey Moore

Martin and Diana Neiman

Liz and Gary Nielsen

Kathleen O’Rourke

Cindy and Ron Olander

Lynn and Susan Orr

Richard Peers and Allison Butler

Carrie and Greg Penner

William and Carol Pettis

Lee and Kitty Price

Daniel and Helen Quinn

Bill Reller

Salma and Rick Richmond

Joanna Mountain and Heyward Robinson

Johanna Rogers

Dave and Sandy Roos

Carl and Sarah Rosendahl

Alison Chubb and Stephen Ruoss

David and Susan Russell

Amanda Oakson and Randy Salim

Andrew and Kim Malone Scott

Amy and Dan Scrivner

Curt Riffle and Karen Scussel

Scott Seaman

John and Carolyn Seyfarth

Ruth Sherer

Greg and Dilshad Simons

Rhonda and Howard Smith

Monique Smith

Tonia Spyridi

Robert Stuart

Hilda Suarez

Virginia and Roger Summit

Eric Chang and Ling Sun

Tom Myers and Hartono Sutanto

Judy Bogard-Tanigami and Hide Tanigami

Robert Niederer and Francine Tanner

Colleen and Geoff Tate

Jennifer and Gary Taylor

John Thomas

Carola and Jeffry Thompson

Carl and Susan Thomsen

Peter and Carol Thurston

Jack and Barbara Tooley

Kristen Tsukushi

Elizabeth and Paul Tucker

Darla Tupper and Ruthe Tyson

Bill and Jan Whitmer

Bruce and Ann Willard

Beth Wilson

Kris Halvorsen and Margaret Withgott

Colleen DeLizza and Ronald Wolf

Maureen Stone and Doug Wyatt

Rosa and Shafik Yaghmour

Jack and Suzanne Yang

Donna and Stanford Young

Institutional Supporters

Foundation and Corporate Support


Applied Materials Foundation

Bear Gulch Foundation

The David and Lucille Packard Foundation

Eustace-Kwan Family Foundation

The Giving Code Fund at the Los Altos Community Foundation


Heising-Simons Foundation

Hurlbut-Johnson Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Kiwanis Club of Mountain View

Los Altos Town Crier Holiday Fund

Markkula Foundation

Maynard P. & Katherine Z. Buehler Foundation at the East Bay Community Foundation

The Morgan Family Foundation

Noble Hancock, Lorraine Hancock, Joyce Gavino, Bruce Hancock, James Hancock, Allen Hancock, Diane Sheehy

MUFG Union Bank Foundation

Palo Alto Weekly Holiday Fund

The Robert Brownlee Foundation

Rotary Club of Los Altos

Safeway Foundation

Western Digital Corporation Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation

The Yellow Chair Foundation

Zenith Electronics, LLC; LG Electronics

Employee Matching Gift and Volunteer Programs

Apple Inc.

Cisco Foundation

IBM Corporation

The GE Foundation

Google Inc.

Visa Inc.


Thank you so much to all our supporters. The people listed below have gone above and beyond and volunteered more than 20 hours of their time with Hidden Villa.

Ron Badger

Jocelyn Bailey

Mary Ann Balkenhol

Leon Beeler

Deborah Bennet

Alan Blank

Tammi Canoose-Hall

Lee Carlson

Pam Carlton

Martha Carpenter

Diane Ciesinski

Rebecca Cole

Austin Cruz

Marjoleine De Waal

Nymisha Desai

Edith Drewek

Reilly Farrell

Bob Fisher

Marci Fox

Ben Franklin

Alicia Giampapa

Barbara Haley

Anne Hayes

Karen Hurst

Rory Kaplan

Steve Katz

Ellen King

Jayne Kos

Nancy Kruberg

Stephanie Lam

Taia Larse

Bernard Lilly

Nancy Marinchak

Diane Matar

Bob McCowan

Maria MeInychuk

Sheri Moody

Bob Niederer

Liz Nielsen

Seiji Otsu

Ginny Pitts

Stew Plock

Mary Powell

Dan Quinn

Jim Rea

Francis Reneau

Salma Richmond

Dave Roos

Caroline Rumptz

Susan Russell

Francine Ruvolo

Wesley Sawyer

Caitlin Scheder

Cate Schiller

Laurie Schutters

Amy Scrivner

Jackie Sessler

John Seyfarth

Elizabeth Shen

Carol Sidel

Arushi Sinha

Susan So

Antonia Spyridi

Robert Summers

Samantha Tannure

Arnie Testa

Peter Thurston

Lucas Tomasello

Jack Tooley

Sarah Tull

Kathie Underdal

Meryl Urdang

Lionel Vedrine

Ann Warren Smith

Remmy Welling

Suzanne Werner

Noelle Weyer

Emily Williams

Peg Young