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Susan Love, Operations Manager

Sofía Pablo-Hoshino, Internship and Program Evaluation Manager

Lucy Zhang, Accountant

Alisa Moore, Programs Administrator

Amzi Maya-Lopez, Volunteer and Programs Coordinator


Development and Communications

Lisa Sandoval, Development Manager

Luis Alberto Espinoza, Development Assistant

Grace Johnson, Development Intern


Community Programs

Nicky Crummett, Community Programs Manager

Lindsay Hedgecock, Community Programs Coordinator

Joe Edmondson, Community Programs Intern

Mary Knothe, Community Programs Intern


Environmental Education

Garth Harwood, Director of Education

Colleen Rafferty, Programs Manager

Nicole Carbone, Teacher Naturalist and Volunteer Liaison

Nicolette Heaphy, Teacher Naturalist and Farm Liaison

Noah Hardy, Environmental Education Intern

Natalie Maves, Environmental Education Intern

Sophie Nicholakos, Environmental Education Intern

Nick Turner, Environmental Education Intern


Summer Camp

Brenda Jones, Camp Director


Youth Development

Jesse Taylor, Youth Development Manager

Jordan Bass, Youth Development Teacher

Char Tomlinson, Youth Development Intern


Responsible Agriculture

Jason McKenney, Director of Agriculture

Lanette Anderson, Assistant Farm Manager, Farmer/Florist

Virginia Clay, Animal Husbandry Manager

Taylor Adam, Animal Husbandry Assistant Manager

Spencer Bronk, Animal Husbandry Intern

Katie Huddleston, Journeyman Farmer

Lance Gebel, Community Supported Agriculture Intern

Eve Javey, Environmental Education Intern



Kristin Ziegler, Facility Rentals Assistant Manager

Marlene Plain, Facility Rentals Assistant

Amanda Zimmerman, Facility Rentals Assistant


Last update: June 22, 2020