Hidden Villa has opened trail access via reservation system. Go to our visit page to find more information.

Hiking Trails

Like our founder, Josephine Duveneck, said, “Becoming aware of the relationship with all living things to other living things is the key to knowing ourselves”. One great way to do that is go for a hike! At Hidden Villa, we have a network of scenic trails for every level of hiker (see trail descriptions below map). Hiking groups with more than 10 participants must fill out this form in advance of your visit.

In addition, Hidden Villa’s most popular trail loops and some new self-guided tours are now accessible on the Easy2Hike mobile application.

Download the Easy2Hike app for both iOS and Android devices.


Below is a map of the trails that are currently open.

One Way Trail Map 6.22


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Explore Our Trails

Please note: Only some of our hiking trails are currently open.

Most trails head uphill from the valley and then return back down. Many of these trails listed below are segments, and we recommend you start with the ones named “LOOP” as you get to know the Hidden Villa wilderness:

Hike Level Length Elevation Gain Exposure
Short Bunny Loop Moderate 1.06 Miles Steep Shaded
Long Bunny Loop Moderate 1.75 Miles Steep Partly Shaded
Toyon Hill Loop Moderate 1.5 Miles Steep Partly Shaded
Elephant Mountain Loop Moderate 2.3 Miles Steep Partly Shaded
Windmill Pasture Loop Hard 4.7 Miles Steep Partly Shaded
Black Mountain Trek Hard 10.5 Miles Steep Exposed
Pipeline Trail Easy 0.6 miles Slight Uphill Partly Shaded
Grapevine Trail Moderate 0.5 Miles Steep Exposed
Ewing Hill Trail Moderate 0.72 Miles Steep Exposed
Toyon Trail Moderate 0.54 Miles Steep Partly Shaded
Creek Trail Easy .96 Mile Flat Shaded
Hostel Trail Moderate 1.54 Miles Steep Partly Shaded