Hidden Villa will be closed to the public from June 3 through August 3 for the safety of our camp community.

Responsible Agriculture

We provide hands-on agricultural education to fulfill our mission of creating stewards of the environment.

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Meat Products

Hidden Villa’s animals are raised thoughtfully, guided by our commitment to animal welfare and land stewardship. To that end we:

  • Practice seasonal rotational grazing
  • Use low stress handling techniques
  • Respect our animals’ natural diets
  • Provide organic feed when available
  • Administer antibiotics sparingly, and for disease treatment only. Meat from treated animals is not sold to the public

Our pasture raised pork and grass-fed lamb are processed humanely at a small, USDA-approved facility, and our pasture raised chickens and holiday turkeys are harvested right here on the farm. Our focus on animal welfare and environmental stewardship results in deeply flavorful, nutrient dense products that make for an unrivaled eating experience. We think the intentionality around the food we raise makes it something worth celebrating– we hope you think so too!

Hidden Villa products can be purchased year-round through our online store for pick up at our farm stand. We believe in nose to tail eating and offer a full range of products—from roasts to sausage, ribs to chops, even livers, hearts, and feet! Click the button below to shop our products (note that availability varies by season). Simply select what you want to purchase and create an account with us. Orders are typically processed within 24 hours. We do not offer delivery services at this time, but pick up timing is flexible.

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Learn More About Our Animals


Our pigs are born and raised on the farm, and come from heritage Gloucestershire Old Spots and Berkshire sows. Once weaned, our young pigs venture out on their own, where they spend their lives rooting and grazing together on pasture. Our pigs have free access to certified organic, GMO-free feed from a local mill, which we supplement with leftover eggs, milk, and vegetables from the farm and bread from a nearby bakery.


We keep a diverse flock of ewes that bear lambs every spring here on the farm. Our sheep are 100% grass-fed and rotate seasonally through our organic pastures. When they’re not out grazing, our sheep are fed only dried grasses, never any grain.


We receive our meat birds from a reputable hatchery and raise them on pasture in our chicken “tractors.” These open-bottomed, open-air coops allow us to move the birds to fresh grass twice a day while systematically fertilizing the soil so that we can grow better grass for our other animals with no outside inputs. USDA regulations for poultry allow us to process our chickens on-site, giving us the unique opportunity to complete the circle right here on the farm.

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