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Hidden Villa’s Environmental Education Program:

Connecting Kids to Nature for 50 Years.


Hidden Villa’s educational programs have been inspiring a sense of wonder and promoting an ethic of caretaking in school children, teens, adults, and families for 50 years. We are offering a variety of programs this fall to meet the needs of the community and to help create a supportive environment for all participants.

Our experiential programs are designed to support all types of learners of all different ages. We invite you to explore with us!

Kindergarten – 12th Grade Programs

We’ve opened registration for programs for 7th – 12th-grade students!

Farm Tours

Students travel around the farm meeting friendly farm animals and stop in the Children’s Garden for some fresh, organic snacks. For: Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade. Duration: 75 minutes.

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Farm and Wilderness Tours

Students hike through the wilderness, interact with endearing farm animals and enjoy hands-on activities in the organic garden. For: Second through Sixth Grade. Duration: 3-4.5 hours.

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Youth Development

Get your 7th – 12th graders outside and spend time building connections with each other, challenging themselves, and learning about our natural and cultivated world. Duration: 4.5 hours.

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After School Adventures

After a day of sitting in the classroom, give your child the chance to spend their afternoons exploring Hidden Villa’s farm and wilderness. Duration: Eight 2-hour classes beginning on March 17.

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World of Wonders videos

Our World of Wonders (W.O.W.) videos are a wonderful way to explore Hidden Villa from afar. They come with support materials and ideas for how children can dig deeper into the topics.

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The “Let’s Go!” Field Trip Fund provides affordable, easy-to-schedule, efficient, and safe transportation for youth (K-12) in the San Francisco Bay Area to experience science and environmental education field trips that may not have the opportunity otherwise. The “Let’s Go!” Field Fund, formally known as the Transportation Fund (TF), was launched in 2011 through a generous grant from the Environmental Education Funders Consortium and is facilitated through Environmental Volunteers.


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