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Animals and Their Needs Session Four

Each session we will be diving into a new topic that is related to our overall theme of “Animals and Their Needs”. In this session, we will be learning from some of our smallest creatures… insects!


Let’s get started!



Bugs, Poop, and Little Gross Things

Get your body moving with this song about bugs, poop, and all the little gross things that help our world go around. Those important critters are are talking about are decomposers!

Insects are often important decomposers. Decomposers are creatures that eat dead things and break them back down into soil and nutrients. Like our worm friends in the compost. Can you think of other important roles that insects might play? Try to list at least three with your adult!





Lady Beetle Lifecycle

In this video you learned about the Lady Beetle (or Ladybug) lifecycle.

What are the 4 stages of the lifecycle for all living creatures?






Draw and label the Lady Beetle Lifecycle.



Bring a picture or drawing of your favorite insect to our next Live! session.


Ready to learn more? 

Visit the National Geographic for Kids page to learn more about a number of insects including Lady Beetles.

Have you read “The Grouchy Ladybug” by Eric Carle? Click here to enjoy a reading of the story on YouTube.



What is next?


Have you investigated the questions and activities above?


What questions do you have for our Outdoor Educator, during your LIVE session?


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