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Are You Sheepish


Sheep have unique and interesting adaptations (structures on their bodies that function like tools) to help them survive on the farm. They can stay warm and dry all year long, even in challenging weather.



1. What makes a sheep a mammal?

2. What were the three adaptations that sheep have that Natalie mentioned in her video? Can you think of any other adaptations sheep might have? Special behaviors can be adaptations, too!

3. What is your favorite sheep adaptation?

4. What does the word insulation mean? What do you do to insulate yourself when you’re cold?

5. Why do you think sheep make good farm animals?

6. Most farm animals are prey animals. Why do we raise prey animals on the farm instead of predators?

Digging Deeper

  • Watch this video comparing different types of eyes. Take notes about what you find most fascinating, and tell someone else about them. https://youtu.be/6HWVgQdSTDQ
  • Here’s a great video about how to shear a sheep! This is usually done in the Spring, just before the hot Summer weather arrives. – https://youtu.be/Fz9Pp0Cy7vs

Try It

A. Design-a-sheep – create a one of a kind creature using cotton balls, markers, glue, and a piece of paper.
• Draw the outline of a sheep
• Glue the cotton balls on to the body
• Color the “wool” any color you want – sheep wool can be dyed many different colors so people can make brightly colored sweaters. Don’t you think your sheep should have the same chance?

B. Hidden Sheep Challenge – Can you find anything in your house that comes from a sheep? Be sure to check those hand lotion and lip balm containers for lanolin!

C. How many animals can you list that are prey animals, like sheep? How many animals can you list that are predators? Think of pets you may have, animals outside your window, or other animals you know about. Remember these important clues: Eyes on the front means animals hunt. These are predators. Eyes on the sides means an animal hides. These are prey.


Print out the guide by downloading the PDF

#316 Student Guide