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Chatting About Chickens


Just like other animals, chickens have four basic needs: food, water, shelter and space.  When chickens’ needs are met, they are able to live healthy lives. We can be thankful for chickens for their eggs, feathers and meat!



Now that you have watched the video about chickens and know more about what they need, have fun answering the questions below. These questions have more than one correct answer and some of them will really make you think!


1) Chickens are the smallest animals on our farm. What was the pledge we did with Dani? What do you think chickens think of humans? How do you think chickens know which humans are friendly and which ones are scary?


2) Why do chickens make good farm animals?  


3) At night, chickens ‘roost’. This means, when they go to bed, they find a high place in their shelter. Did you see their roosting ladder in the video? Why do chickens like to roost at night? Why is it smart to be high off the ground?


4) What kinds of tools do chickens have on their bodies for finding and eating food?


Digging Deeper

Chickens come in all different colors and types of feathers. Chickens also lay different colored eggs based on their breed. Take a look at these different breeds of chickens and the colorful eggs they lay!




Try It

A) Laying an egg

Before a chicken lays an egg, they use their feet to make a nest in the straw. Create your own nest made of blankets, pillows or other cozy items. Once your nest is prepared, sit on top and think about laying an egg.  It takes a lot of brainpower! 


B) Creating a home for a chicken

Draw a home fit for a chicken. Remember to include food, shelter, water and space. What other things might a chicken want in their home? If you were a chicken, what is one thing that would make your chicken “coop” feel like home?


C) Roosting like a chicken

Chickens have great balance. They spend the whole night roosting (sitting) on narrow branches. How good is your balance? Head outside with a piece of sidewalk chalk. Draw a straight line on the ground. Try to walk along the line, putting one foot in front of the other without stepping off of the line. Use your outstretched arms for balance. Try it with your arms to your sides. Now, try to walk sideways along the line. 


D) Here’s a joke!

Why did the chicken cross the road? 




Print out the guide by downloading the PDF

#324 Student Guide