Hidden Villa will be closed to the public from June 3 through August 3 for the safety of our camp community.

Food for Thought

We’ve recently launched an exciting new initiative called Food for Thought, which is focused on connecting with farmers and ranchers in the greater Bay Area, who embody a desire to not only be stewards of a sustainable future for our regional food system, but also to revive and regenerate landscapes in the process. Hidden Villa has been part of the organic/sustainable farming movement from its early days. Our founders, the Duvenecks, brought thought and intention to every part of this place, and the agricultural fields were no different. In the years since, several of us lucky farmers and ranchers have had the opportunity to expand that legacy and introduce generations of Silicon Valley residents to thoughtful, ethical farming.

Food For Thought is designed to serve our local regenerative agricultural community, acting as a central place where Silicon Valley residents can see a representation of the innovative work that’s being done in local fields and pastures, where conversations become commonplace as we all adapt to our quickly changing world and how it affects the way we cook and eat, and where skills are taught to help people to bring these practices into their lives.

Through it all, we want to be listeners. Hidden Villa has a history of standing at the intersection of fruitful and difficult conversations and we hope to bring the spirit of inquiry and compassion that motivated the Duvenecks. As we host events, listen to conversations, and engage with local food producers, we hope to use their legacy of community building to connect eaters and growers striving for a just and sustainable future.

Our Food for Thought programming gives us a chance to better serve this community. Recent events included:

  • Homesteader’s Faire, featuring a slate of talented local folks who are growing, cooking, fermenting, and curing food in their yards and homes.  This event served as a springboard for ongoing conversation with this community, to be a space where skills of self reliance are developed and encouraged.
  • Farm Workshops: Perfecting pie making, falling in love with fermentation, diving into floral design, and brewing bitters with the best. Attendees were invited to learn new skills and meet some of the most passionate and inspired food makers and producers from around the Bay Area!  Search for upcoming Food for Thought Farm workshops on the “Individuals and Families” page under Programs
  • Food Worth Celebrating: This culminating event took place on September 15, and offered a farm to table experience celebrating the work and creativity of our food system. A Local Eater’s Guide, created in collaboration with Food for Thought partners, was created to give farmers and ranchers the opportunity to explain the ethical framework they bring to their work and show consumers how they can support such thoughtful work with their dollars and food choices.

We hope there’s much more to come!  We are planning to build out Food for Thought programming further, by attracting people and organizations with similar objectives that would like to support Hidden Villa programs, increase educational access, and move current and future food systems conversations forward. Please consider sponsoring the Food for Thought Initiative.