Hidden Villa will be closed to the public from June 3 through August 3 for the safety of our camp community.

From Woodchips to Wonders!

December 10, 2021

For 30 years, Hidden Villa has practiced a community-supported agriculture (CSA) model. Our farmers employ regenerative, organic agriculture techniques that respect the capacity and wildness of the land, honors labor, and values animal welfare.

Watch this five-minute video, written and narrated by Lanette Anderson, Assistant Farm Manager and Farmer/Florist, to receive a taste of the trials, tribulations, and celebrations our farmer’s experience.

In 2005, Hidden Villa began a partnership with the Community Services Agency of Mountain View (CSAMV). We donate 25% of our fresh, high-quality, organic produce to the CSAMV every year. Through all the years of this partnership, we have been dedicated to improving both the variety of produce and the quantity throughout the year to better serve their clientele.

The food grown on the Hidden Villa farm feeds our local community and supports our educational programs. Our robust agriculture and animal husbandry internship program trains regenerative farmers who make meaningful contributions towards combatting climate change and building a healthy food system (including Lanette!).

Please consider making a year-end contribution. Invest in a sustainable, healthy, and just future for all.

Thank you for supporting Hidden Villa!