Hidden Villa will be closed to the public from June 3 through August 3 for the safety of our camp community.

Help that Garden!


Plants need air, water, sunlight, soil, and space in order to grow and thrive. Chores are small jobs that need to be done often. The reason we do garden chores is to make sure that all the plants’ needs are met every day, so that we can grow healthy plants to eat.



Now that you’ve watched the video on garden chores you’re ready to answer some questions! Some questions might have more than one right answer, and some might make you think a little harder. Watch the video again if you think you might have missed something. Repetition can help you learn. Have fun!

1. What are chores? What chores can be done in the garden?

2. Are there any needs that plants and animals have in common?

3. Why do you think people have gardens?

4. Do the plants in the Hidden Villa garden get all of their needs met? Remember, all living things need food, water, shelter and space.

Digging Deeper

• Did you know that you can grow plants even during the cold winter months? Check out this link to learn about greenhouses, what they are and how they are used to keep plants warm and healthy when it’s cold out! https://wiki.kidzsearch.com/wiki/Greenhouse

• The chores mentioned in the video are only some of the many chores that could be done in a garden. Here are some ideas of other garden chores, can you think of any others? https://billyoh.com/extra/blog/garden/best-garden-activities-for-kids/

Try It

A. Learn the Song: Sun, soil, water, and air by Banana Slug String Band. Make up motions to help you remember all the plant needs. Perform it for someone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEYhs8m_qo4

B. Go outside and see if you can find a plant. It could be a tree or even a blade of grass. Draw the plant you choose! Does it have all its needs met? (air, water, sunlight, soil, space)

C. Did you know that the “core” or the bottom of a bunch of romaine lettuce can grow new leaves even after you have chopped off the lettuce? Try this simple and fun experiment at home and grow your own lettuce! https://theeducatorsspinonit.com/growing-romaine-lettuce-from-kitchen/

Print out the guide by downloading the PDF

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