Hidden Villa will be closed to the public from June 3 through August 3 for the safety of our camp community.

Hidden Villa Coveys

Covey: Named after the groups of California Quail that scurry all around Hidden Villa, exploring everywhere and noticing everything. Your child can join one of our Coveys in person this spring!

All About Everything:

Exploring Hidden Villa

Grade: K – 5th

Age: 5 -10 years

This program will be held in person at Hidden Villa! Enjoy the best of everything Hidden Villa has to offer to our Kindergarten through 4th graders as we introduce the inner workings of our Educational Garden and the lives of our quirky and cute Farm Animals. Plus, we will immerse ourselves in an exciting exploration of Nature and its varied phenomena. We’ll also think together about connections between the emerging phenomenon of climate change and its relationship to human and environmental health (sustainability) as well as fairness to all peoples (the essence of social justice).

Part 1: ? Our Organic Garden

Using our Educational Garden as our learning laboratory, we will explore the world of our cultivated plants and the friends and foes that live with them. What is edible in the garden? What serves another purpose? What does it take to start a garden of your own? Find out this and so much more.

Part 2: ? Farm Animals

What does it mean to be a working farm? How we work to create happy and healthy lives for our farm animals who give us so much in return, and what it really takes to raise farm animals. Bonus: What do the words vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan mean? Why do people make choices like those?

Part 3: ? Nature

Welcome to the endlessly fascinating world of nature. Join us as we explore a variety of natural phenomena that bring the outdoors to your class or home, and as we consider our own part in the natural cycles around us.

Part 4: ? Bringing it All Together / Conservation Topics

How are our healthy habitats, animals, and gardens related to one another? We will strive to connect everything we’ve discussed earlier, as we take a look into the effects of Climate Change and what we can do to promote a just and sustainable future for all.
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