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How Banana Slugs Work


Banana slugs are a very important invertebrate to our forest habitat. They have lots of cool qualities and adaptations that are fun to learn about, like how they breathe through their skin, move with one foot, and are the largest slug in North America.



Now that you’ve watched the video on Banana Slug morphology, you are ready to answer some questions about them! 


  1. Why is it important to pick up a banana slug with leaves?
  2. An adaptation is a trait that an animal has to help it survive. What are some adaptations that Banana Slugs have?
  3. Why do banana slugs have slime?
  4. Do banana slugs have many predators? What can eat them?
  5. How long can a banana slug live?



Digging Deeper

Want to learn more about the banana slugs? Check out all of these cool facts from National Geographic!




Try It

A) Label as many parts of the banana slug as you can! Rewatch the video to help you out. (Bonus: one of these parts was not mentioned in the video. It is called the foot fringe.)

B) Learn the Banana Slug Boogie by singing along with the video WOW 343: Banana Slug  (video to come soon)

C) Write a poem about a banana slug. Use 2 or more of the following guidelines:

  • Write your poem from the point of view of a Banana Slug
  • Include as many Banana Slug adaptations as you can
  • Research more about Banana Slugs and include 1-3 new facts in your poem
  • Use at least 12 lines in your poem
  • Create dance moves to help interpret your poem and share with a loved one
  • Include an artistic drawing of a Banana Slug with your poem


Print out the guide by downloading the PDF

#338 Student Guide