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I Notice, I Wonder…


You can learn to be an exceptional observer by making observations, asking questions, and making connections with three simple prompts:  “I notice”, “I wonder”, “It reminds me of”. These are the essential tools of a scientist. Learn them, and you’re on your way!



  1. What is something you should try not to add into your observations? 
  2. Why is it helpful to ask questions when you are observing?
  3. What object did you choose to observe? What were some observations, questions, and connections you made?
  4. What surprised you when doing this activity or watching the video?
  5. What else can you use your new skills of observation to get to know better?

Digging Deeper

Now that you have made observations, asked questions, and made connections to your item, try to identify your object. You can download the app called “Seek” to help you identify natural objects! Then, try helping the greater scientific community by downloading your outdoor observations onto iNaturalist using the Seek app. You can also gain badges for photographing different species!


Try It

A) As prompted in the video, find an object that you can make observations about, hopefully something you are already interested in. 

  • Follow the steps: I notice, I wonder, It reminds me of.
  • Now get a sheet of paper and draw your object.
  • Try to give it as much detail as you can so someone could use your drawing as a clue to find your object.
  • Add some more observations, wonders, and connections on your paper.
  • Did you notice that you looked deeper at an object you thought you knew very well? Are you still curious about learning more about that object?
  • Take a moment to look your item up online. What new things can you find out about it?


B) Test your powers of observation. Collect 10 to 15 small objects from around your house. Have another person place six of the objects under a bandana or small towel. Uncover the objects for five seconds and then replace the towel. Can you remember all six items and where they were placed? Now, try eight items. If you sharpen your powers enough, you might be the next Sherlock Holmes!


C) Make some connections with a “memory lane” scavenger hunt. Find a picture or object that reminds you of each of the following: 1) your favorite food, 2) a special time with your family, 3) a special time with a friend, 4) a birthday party, 5) a holiday memory, 6) your favorite subject in school, 7) your favorite outdoor activity, 8) your favorite indoor activity.


Print out the guide by downloading the PDF


#348 Student Guide