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Lambs, oh my!


All animals need four things to live, including sheep! Those things are food, water, shelter and space. At Hidden Villa we make sure all of our animals have those four things to make sure they live a happy and healthy life.


Now that you have watched the video on Sheep and their Habitats, you are ready to answer these questions below.

1. What do the sheep at Hidden Villa eat? Where do they get their water? Where do they sleep? Where do they run around?

2. What is their fluffy fur called? What can people make with this fur?

3. What else do sheep give us? How many items can you think of?


Digging Deeper

  • In the video, you saw Eve out on pasture with the sheep and lambs, eating all the grass around them. Most of the time, the sheep are in their pen and they eat a dried form of hay called alfalfa. Sheep love to eat a variety of leaves and plants. (But if you ever meet a sheep don’t feed it unless the farmer/owner says it’s okay.)
  • A baby sheep is called a lamb. As you could see in the video there were lots of lambs running around. This is because our video was filmed during lambing season, or the time of year when all the lambs are born, which at Hidden Villa starts in February. Most of the time, you won’t see small lambs at Hidden Villa because they soon grow large and look just like their mothers.
  • Here’s a short video of a sheep getting a haircut! 

Try It
Now let’s get creative. We hope you try out some of the fun and educational activities below about sheep.

A.  Look around wherever you live for things that have something from a sheep in them. Look for items made of wool or that have lanolin listed as an ingredient. You might even find something from a sheep in your fridge or freezer! Make a list of all of the items you find.

B. Try and make your own sheep made out of things you can find around the house or outside. Ask your adult to help you glue the items onto a piece of paper.

C. Can you create a poem for a sheep using all of the letters in the word sheep to start each line of your poem? Use the letters below, and if you need to, ask an adult for help writing down your words.

H _____________

D. Combine #2 and #3 onto one page and, after you are done decorating, ask your adult to send a photo of your artistic sheep and poem to us at [email protected]


Print out the guide by downloading the PDF

#315 Student Guide