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Plant Needs/Garden Chores


All living things have certain basic needs in order to survive. Plants and animals have some similar needs, like both needing water to survive, but they also have many differences. Plants need sunlight for energy, soil for nutrients, and space to grow. The reason we do garden chores is to make sure that all the plants’ needs are met, and we can grow healthy plants to eat.



Thanks for watching our video! Here are some questions for you to test your knowledge on plant needs and how humans can help the garden grow healthy plants. Some questions might have more than one right answer, and some might make you think a little harder. Watch the video again if you think you might have missed something. Repetition can help you learn. Have fun!

1. Why do we need to do garden chores?

2. By weeding, Dani helped the plant meet which survival need? (Hint: there might be more than one right answer!)

Enough Water for the Roots

Access to Sunlight

Space to Grow

Enough Nutrients to Stay Healthy

Air circulation

3. Why did Eve spread compost on the lettuce in the garden bed?

4. What is one way that a gardener or farmer can control the amount of sunlight a plant gets?

5. How do you think growing a garden meets a need that people have?

Digging Deeper

Try It

A. Learn the Song: Sun, soil, water, and air by Banana Slug String Band. Make up motions to help you remember all the plant needs. Perform it for someone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEYhs8m_qo4

B. Go outside and see if you can find a plant. It could be a tree or even a bit of grass. Does it have all its needs met? (air, water, sunlight, soil, space) Make a list and describe how that plant is getting its needs met.

C. Fill in the table below to compare and contrast plant needs with human needs.

D. Plan and draw a garden including 3-5 plants (bonus if you choose plants that you want to eat!). In your plan, describe how you would fulfil each of the plants’ needs.

E. It’s cooking time! Dani weeded part of the garden and composted the weeds but there are sometimes better uses for these plants as well! Ask your adult to help you identify, safely pick, and cook “stinging” nettle with the following recipe. https://www.feastingathome.com/linguini-with-nettle-pesto/

Print out the guide by downloading the PDF

#304 Student Guide