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Giving away $1000 in prize money!

Are you an agent of change? Project Bloom is a unique contest aimed at highlighting creative community change-makers. Learn how you can get involved and win a cash prize!

How are you seeding change?

“Bloom where you are planted.”

– Saint Francis De Sales

ABOUT Project Bloom

What is Project Bloom?

At Hidden Villa, we celebrate the seeds of change that are blooming within our community. Project Bloom is a community competition designed to inspire and showcase good work happening in our neighborhoods that is aligned with Hidden Villa’s mission to foster educational experiences that build connections and inspire a deeper appreciation and respect for nature, food, and one another.

We encourage you to use your creativity and passion to show how you are addressing a challenge in our community. Through essays, videos, artwork, or other creative means, show us how you are cultivating positive change that inspires a deeper appreciation and respect for nature, food and one another.

Join the Project Bloom Community Challenge and let us know how you are seeding change!

The Project Bloom Community Challenge Question:

What specific steps have you taken to make a tangible difference right here at home? Through essay, video, artwork, or other creative means, describe how you are growing good in your community and beyond.

WHO is Eligible to Participate?

Blooming Youth:

Ages 13 to 25


Blooming Adults:

Ages 26 and up

Project Bloom is open to community members 13 and up.  There is a youth category and an adult category, each with a first, second, and third prize. If you plan to work with a partner or in a group, enter the category of the eldest person in your group. 

WHAT Can You Submit?

We encourage you to be as creative as possible. Submissions may include:






Any other creative medium that effectively communicates your impact.

WHAT Are the Prizes? 

1st Place:

  • $250
  • Annual Access Pass to Hidden Villa

2nd Place:

  • $150
  • Annual Access Pass to Hidden Villa

3rd Place:

  • $100
  • Annual Access Pass to Hidden Villa

HOW to Submit Your Entry

1. Prepare Your Submission:

Create your essay, video, artwork, or other creative piece that showcases the positive change you’re making in your community.

2. Submit Online:

Follow the submission button below to upload your entry. Ensure all files are in the appropriate format (e.g., PDFs for essays, MP4 for videos, JPEG for images).

Submit Today

3. Check Your Inbox:

Please make sure to check your inbox periodically to stay up to date on all Project Bloom announcements and updates. 

WHAT are the elements for Success?

Submissions will be considered with the following four elements in mind. We have provided examples to help inspire you. Please use these guiding elements to inspire your success:

How does your project approach solving a specific challenge in your community that different from existing solutions?
How has your project influenced or inspired others in your community? Did you forge any collaborations, partnerships, or recognition as a result of your project?
What specific steps you have taken to implement your project. What actions have you personally undertaken? How did you mobilize resources (time, money, people) to carry out your project?
What measurable impact has your project had on your community? Include data or statistics if available. How has your project improved the lives of individuals or the community as a whole.

WHO Decides the Winner?

The selection process for Project Bloom is designed to ensure fairness and transparency while highlighting standout submissions. All submissions will be judged based on innovation, Influence, Action, and Impact.

All submissions will be reviewed by a committee of Hidden Villa staff, volunteers, and board members. The committee will select the top 20 submissions to be reviewed by our panel of guest judges.

The to 20 submissions will then be forwarded to our esteemed panel of judges, Dick Henning, Sandy Mingia, and Kathy Barry. Learn more about our panel of judges below.

Dick Henning

Henning, a retired vice-president of Foothill College, holds degrees in Speech & Public Relations, Secondary Administration, Counseling & Guidance, and a doctorate in Higher Education & Administration. Starting his career in 1960, he spent 31 years at Foothill College, where he founded the renowned Foothill College Celebrity Forum and the Silicon Valley Business & Leadership Conference. An active community leader, he has served as president of several international organizations and was named “Los Alton of the Year” in 1996.

Sandy Mingia

Minga lives in Los Altos Hills and is a member of the Rotary Club of Los Altos. She worked in Hi-tech marketing which included artificial intelligence, computer and networking sales.

Kathy Berry

Berry is a retired public Agency Attorney. She served as President of the Los Altos Rotary club in 2020-21 during Covid via zoom. In 2012, she was selected for the LA/LAH Community Volunteer Award. Kathy lives in Los Altos.

DEADLINE for Submissions:

All entries must be submitted by September 3, 2024. In all fairness we will not be able to accept late submissions, so please make sure to submit on time!

WHY Should You Participate?

WHEN will the winners be announced?

Winners will be notified by email and announced to the greater community on October 1st via our website and social media channels. Stay tuned to see if your project will be featured as one of our top seeds of change!

Get Inspired, Get Involved! Join us in celebrating the seeds of change in our community. We look forward to seeing your creativity and the difference you’re making in your neighborhood.

Let’s bloom together for a brighter future!