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Welcome to the Garden


When walking through a garden, we should stay on the paths and move along carefully so that we keep ourselves and the plants safe. It is fun to use our five senses or “built-in tools” to explore the garden: looking tools, smelling tools, hearing tools, touching tools, and tasting tools.



Here are some questions for you to test what you learned about the garden. Some questions might have more than one right answer, and some might make you think a little harder. You should watch the video again if you think you might have missed something. Have fun!

1. What are the people places? What are the plant places?

2. What kind of sounds did Sophie hear in the garden? Why do you think animals visit the garden?

3. What does the word edible mean? Can you eat every kind of flower you find?

4. Describe the four plants that Sophie tasted and what she said they tasted like.

5. What was the difference in smell between the two compost piles? Why

were they different?

Digging Deeper

  • Read Compost Stew by Mary Mckenna Siddals

Try It

A. Use your tools (or senses) to explore a space close to you. This could be a room where you live, your front porch, your garden or yard or the sidewalk. Even if you are in that space every day, you might notice something that you’ve never noticed before!

  • Looking Tool: Stand in one spot and look all around you in a circle. Now, try it again and go as SLOW as you can. Count how many new things you notice.
  • Smelling Tool: Breathe in and count to 5. Then breathe out. Repeat this a few times. Notice what the air smells like (fresh? stinky? flowery?)
  • Listening Tool: Count to 10 in your head and notice all the sounds you hear around you. (cars? birds? dogs?)
  • Touching Tool: Make sure not to touch anything without an adult’s permission. Walk around and touch 3 things that look different. Notice what everything feels like. (soft? smooth? bumpy?) Do they feel different or the same?
  • Tasting Tool: Have a snack! Is it sweet? Sour? Spicy?

B. Draw your own imaginary garden and think about three or more fruits or vegetables you would want to TASTE that are grown in a garden

  • What different colored flowers you would want to SEE and SMELL.
  • The different animals and bugs you would want to SEE and HEAR in the garden.
  • Anything else you think would be a good addition to your garden! Be creative and use your imagination!

C. Write a poem using the word, GARDEN. To do this, you write the word, GARDEN, vertically and think of words that describe a garden. Try to think of words that have the same first letter as the letters in GARDEN and use them to spell out the word. Here’s an example below using the word FARM.





If you want to do more after you are done, here are some other good words to use: EARTH, VEGETABLE, FRUIT, TREE, PLANT, or any others you can think of!

D. Draw a picture to go along with the poem!

Print out the guide by downloading the PDF

#306 Student Guide