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Wow, Cows!


Now that you’ve watched the video, you know all about the four things cows need to survive on the farm – water, food, shelter, and space. You also learned that some cows give us milk and other cows give us meat instead, in return for taking care of them!



1. What do we call the dried-up grass that Emelie eats? What else do cows eat?

2. What does Emelie’s barn protect her from at night? What do you think a predator is?

3. Emelie is a dairy cow. If you could have your own cow, would you want a dairy cow or a meat cow? Why?

4. Can you think of some food items or sweet treats that can be made from cows’ milk?


Digging Deeper

• Emelie only eats plants. So, she is a herbivore. Animals that eat only meat are called carnivores. Animals that eat both plants and meat are called omnivores.

• Did you know that cows can touch every part of their body with either their tongue or their tail?

• Emelie the cow is pregnant with a calf. Baby cows weigh about 86 pounds at birth, that’s the same as 10 one-gallon jugs of milk!


Try It

A. Fill in the blanks to create your own story about Emelie the cow: Hi, I’m Emelie! I’m feeling _______________(an emotion) about being new at Hidden Villa. I can’t wait to meet the
other animals! I wonder if they have a ______________ (a color) _______________ (your favorite animal) on this farm. I hope the farmers give me lots of _______________ (your favorite snack) and fill my barn with cozy ________________ (something soft) to make me feel welcome. I wonder if they will throw me a party and make me wear a ________________ (item of clothing). When I’m happy, I like to wiggle my _______________ (body part) and make a noise that sounds like a ________________ (your favorite machine or vehicle). I hope you get a chance to visit me at Hidden Villa soon!

B. Emelie is new to the farm, draw what you think her barn and sleeping area at Hidden Villa should look like! Make sure to include the four elements she needs to survive (food, water, shelter, space). This is your chance to be creative, so be as silly or realistic as you want!


Print out the guide by downloading the PDF

#319 Student Guide