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Animals and Their Needs


Welcome to our World of Wonders Series! This page is a perfect introduction to learn about the basic needs of mammal, reptiles and amphibians, birds, and insects. Are you ready to jump into the world of animals? Start with our welcome video – join us and sing along.


Welcome to Hidden Villa. Are you ready for our three challenges?

1. Take Care.

2. Try Something New.



Trying new things is very important for exploring the world around you! Lets first learn a few important scientific tools so we can make observations, ask questions, and make connections on our journey.



I Notice, I Wonder…

Lets practice using our prompts!

1. First make observations using, “I notice…”

2. Now lets ask some questions about an object using, “I wonder…”

3. Finally lets pull everything together and make some connections using, “it reminds me of…”

These are the essential tools of a scientist!

Explore Click here for more our Student Guide that includes questions, resources and activities about this topic!



Now it is time to dive into our theme:


“Animals and Their Needs”


Start by selecting Session 1 to take a look at mammals and their needs as we learn from our farm animals!


If you are using these materials while participating in our Hidden Villa Covey*, please wait to start the following session until after your LIVE session with an educator. These materials are meant to be worked through one week at a time.

*Named after the groups of California Quail scurrying all around Hidden Villa, exploring everywhere and noticing everything!


Session 1

Mammals (Domestic)

Compare and contrast the basic needs of you, me and our favorite farm mammals!

Session 1

Session 2

Reptiles and Amphibians (Wild)

What is Herpetology? What are Reptiles and Amphibians and what makes them unique?

Session 2

Session 3

Birds (Wild versus Domestic)

Join us as we compare and contrast wild and domesticated birds as we learn more about the life of our feathered friends.

Session 3

Session 4

Bugging Out on Insects (in the Garden)

Explore the unique biology of insects and the many things that insects do for us and for the environment.

Session 4


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