Hidden Villa will be closed to the public from June 3 through August 3 for the safety of our camp community.

Hidden Villa Coveys for Groups

Hidden Villa Coveys are named after the groups of California Quail that scurry all around Hidden Villa, exploring everywhere and noticing everything! Our Coveys are 45-minute live sessions conducted over 8 weeks with our expert Outdoor Educators. Using our time-tested experiential teaching methods, each Covey of kids will get to dig deep into topics, ask questions and see our farm and natural habitats in action! Not only will your student have time with our Educators, they will also get fun and interesting prep-work and 2 passes for themselves and their family to come to Hidden Villa on their own on two separate days.

Cost and Capacity

Cost is $1,000

This includes:

  • Four 45-minute live sessions conducted on the same weekday and time over 8 weeks with our Outdoor Educator.
  • Fun prep-work for each week.
  • Two passes – After registration, Covey participants will receive a code in their confirmation materials to use when registering to hike.  This code will be available to them to use twice from the first day of the program through 1 month after the final day of the program.
    You can indicate if you need a scholarship on the registration form.

Each session can accommodate 6 to 35 participants but we ask that participants will all be in the appropriate age range.  If this is a school registering, we request only one class.

Cancellation Policy

Final payment is due upon registration, or if you are invoiced, then 30 days before your program session.  If you need to cancel, you must notify us by email [email protected]. For Covey sessions, we cannot give refunds for partial attendance. Full refund if notice is received 30 days before the event. 50% refund if notice is received within 29-15 days of the event. No refunds if notice is received within 14 days of the event.

Note: If you’d like to register less than 6 participants, please register for a Covey that is open to the public, by clicking here.


Once you pick your date, you will be asked to choose your group Covey Theme:

Let’s Explore Hidden Villa:

Animals, Garden, Nature

Grade: K-2nd

Age: 5-8 years

Enjoy the best of everything Hidden Villa has to offer, as we introduce Kinder-2nd graders to our Educational Garden, farm animals, and the natural world. We also learn and consider the “Hidden Villa story”, or why we work to make the world a more fair and sustainable place.

Part 1: ? Our Organic Garden

Dive into our organic Educational Garden as we look at the 6 plant parts we grow in the garden, how each of those plant structures is linked to a specific function, how to keep our garden healthy for our plants and as a habitat for other creatures, discover the world of compost (plant recycling), and how the re-use of materials also helps our garden grow.

Part 2: ? Farm Animals!

What farm animals does Hidden Villa have? What do our farm animals need to be happy and healthy? And what do we get from our five farm animals that we can be thankful for? Find out all this and more.

Part 3: ? Nature

Sometimes it’s stinky or spiny, sometimes it’s beautiful – but Nature is always fascinating when you take a good look! Welcome to the awesome natural world and discover with us how you are part of nature too. Join us as we explore a variety of natural phenomena that bring the outdoors to your class or home.

Part 4: ? Bringing it All Together

How are our healthy habitats, animals, and gardens related to one another? Connect everything together as we take a look into Climate Change effects and what we can do to promote a just and sustainable future for all people and species.
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Animals and Their Needs

Grade: K-2nd

Age: 5-8 years

This set of four sessions will allow participants to learn all about the basic needs of mammals, reptiles and amphibians, birds, and insects. Part one will review what it takes to keep a farm animal happy and healthy. Healthy animals produce healthier food! Part two will take participants to the wild side to learn more about the small but mighty reptiles and amphibians. Part three takes to the air to examine birds and compare wild versus domestic birds in our lives. Part four will explore the tiniest of our subjects: insects – with a look into how they harm or help our garden plants.

Part 1: ? Mammals (Domestic)

As mammals we have a few basic needs that govern our lives. Although they may look different, other members of the class Mammalia also have the very same basic needs. Join us as we compare and contrast the needs of you, me, and your favorite farm mammals.

Part 2: ? Herpetology: Studying Reptiles and Amphibians (Wild)

Now that we have examined what mammals need to survive, let’s look outside ourselves to some other natural friends. With different structures come different functions. It’s fun to puzzle over what functions different structures may have! We will also explore what reptiles and amphibians need to be happy and healthy.

Part 3: ? Birds (Wild vs Domestic)

As we leave the safety of the ground and soar upwards, we examine another important category of animal life: Birds. This session will involve comparing and contrasting wild and domesticated birds, as well as an exploration of basic bird biology. What are the most important adaptations of birds? Where did feathers come from, and what makes them work so well? Why are some birds so much more colorful than others? We will explore these topics and more.

Part 4: ? Bugging Out on Insects (in the Garden)

Small but awesome in their impacts, these creatures sometimes make us itch, but much more often, they help us by allowing us to eat most of our favorite fruits and vegetables, and in many other ways too. In our final session we will explore the unique biology of insects and the many things that insects do for us and for the environment at large – and why we might not be able to survive without them!
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All About Everything:

Exploring Hidden Villa

Grade: 2nd-5th

Age: 8-12 years

Enjoy the best of everything Hidden Villa has to offer to our 2nd -5th graders as we introduce the inner workings of our Educational Garden and the lives of our quirky and cute Farm Animals. Plus, we will immerse ourselves in an exciting exploration of Nature and its varied phenomena. We’ll also think together about connections between the emerging phenomenon of climate change and its relationship to human and environmental health (sustainability) as well as fairness to all peoples (the essence of social justice).

Part 1: ? Our Organic Garden

Using our Educational Garden as our learning laboratory, we will explore the world of our cultivated plants and the friends and foes that live with them. What is edible in the garden? What serves another purpose? What does it take to start a garden of your own? Find out this and so much more.

Part 2: ? Farm Animals

What does it mean to be a working farm? How we work to create happy and healthy lives for our farm animals who give us so much in return, and what it really takes to raise farm animals. Bonus: What do the words vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan mean? Why do people make choices like those?

Part 3: ? Nature

Welcome to the endlessly fascinating world of nature. Join us as we explore a variety of natural phenomena that bring the outdoors to your class or home, and as we consider our own part in the natural cycles around us.

Part 4: ? Bringing it All Together / Conservation Topics

How are our healthy habitats, animals, and gardens related to one another? We will strive to connect everything we’ve discussed earlier, as we take a look into the effects of Climate Change and what we can do to promote a just and sustainable future for all.
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