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Hostel Toyon Trail

Our trails serve over 20,000 visitors at Hidden Villa every year. To meet our mission, we want to ensure that these trails are as accessible as possible. Accessibility means consistent maintenance to keep our hikers safe. With your help, we can improve our capacity to...

CSA Parking Lot

Provide a truck: Provide a truck to aid our animal husbandry and CSA farming team more efficiently and sustainably carry out their needs. We are in need of $20,000 for a modern F250 sized flatbed dump truck.

Tin Barn

The Tin Barn was constructed in 1900 to house a variety of farm animals including horses and cows. Today, it is our most lively barn and you can always stop by for a visit with our animals. Fill the barn: $10,000 provides 8 months of hay and straw for the...