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Nature of the Beast

Farm Animal Adaptations

Welcome to our World of Wonders Series! This page is perfect for learning about our farm animals’ adaptations. Get ready to look for structure and their functions as we explore Life Science concepts. Start with our welcome video – join us and sing along.


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Welcome to Hidden Villa. Are you ready for our three challenges?

1. Take Care.

2. Try Something New.



Trying new things is very important for exploring the world around you! Lets first learn a few important scientific tools so we can make observations, ask questions, and make connections on our journey.



I Notice, I Wonder…

Lets practice using our prompts!

1. First make observations using, “I notice…”

2. Now lets ask some questions about an object using, “I wonder…”

3. Finally lets pull everything together and make some connections using, “it reminds me of…”

These are the essential tools of a scientist!

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Now it is time to dive into our theme:


“Nature of the Beast”

Farm Animal Adaptations


Teacher guides for each video are located at the bottom of this page.




Are you Sheepish?

Sheep have unique and interesting adaptations (structures that function like tools) to help them survive on the farm. They can stay warm and dry all year long, even in challenging weather.

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Cows, Cows, Cows

Cows provide us with milk and meat, among other things. Like all animals, they have tools, called adaptations, that are also known as structures that function to help them survive. As domestic animals, most of their needs are met by their farmers but they still retain the tools that helped their ancestors gather food and feel safe in the wild.

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What Makes a Goat Go?

Goats have many adaptations to help them survive, like two sets of toes on each foot to help them balance, special eyes to help them see a wider range to look out for prey, and a 4 chambered stomach to help them digest food.

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The Practical Pig

Pigs are raised on farms primarily to provide meat. They have been bred to grow quickly and have large litters. They are unique farm animals because they are both scavengers and omnivores and use their upturned snouts to search for food, unearthing worms, bugs and roots.

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Chickens give us eggs, meat and feathers. They have useful adaptations (structures that function as tools) to help them feed and escape from predators. By understanding their adaptations we can create an ideal environment for them.

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Teacher’s Corner


Dear Teachers and Parents/Guardians using these resources,

We have made students guides for many of our W.O.W. Video series. Each student guide contains a section called:

  • “Know it all” meant as a comprehension corner with questions that have varying levels of difficulty related to the video.
  • “Digging Deeper” that will include links and resources to learn more about the topic(s) addressed in the video.
  • ”Try it” through a variety of activities meant to encourage learning away from the computer. These may be observation activities, crafts, games, writing prompts, or other creative activities supporting NGSS and video topics.

In creating these guides our intention was to allow a scope of options for educators to choose from that will best support their learners’ needs. Stay tuned for the roll out of our Student Worksheets. 


I Notice…


Are you Sheepish?


Cows, Cows, Cows


What Makes a Goat Go?


The Practical Pig


Which Came First?


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