Hidden Villa has opened trail access via reservation system. Go to our visit page to find more information.


Individuals & Families

    Wildlife & Wilderness

  • After School Adventures

    After a full day of school, give your child the chance to spend their afternoons exploring Hidden Villa’s farm and wilderness.
    Price: $350.00
    Duration: 11 Weeks
  • Climate Solutions and the Farm

    Learn about climate change and how we can use our farms to help change the world for better!
    Price: $15.00
    Duration: 2 hours
  • Coexisting with Cougars

    Learn about Mountain Lions from the experts with Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District.
    Price: Free
    Duration: 2 hours
  • Education Volunteer Open House

    Learn all about what it's like to be a volunteer with our Environmental Education team!
    Price: Free
    Duration: 4 hours
  • Explorers - 1 Day

    Children get to spend the Veteran's Day holiday in November exploring the farm and the wilderness.
    Price: $80.00
    Duration: 6 Hours
  • Explorers - 4 Day

    Spring Break Explorer is held in February -- children have the opportunity to engage their minds and work and play outside. The EXPLORERS program includes farm fun, crafts, hikes, activities and games sure to expand the horizons of any young adventurer.
    Price: $320.00
    Duration: 4 days, 6 hours/day
  • Family Camp Out

    Experience the farm in a whole new way - under the stars with your family!
    Price: $60.00
    Duration: Overnight
  • Forest Playgroup

    Come for some exploration and fun in Hidden Villa's forest!
    Price: $20.00
    Duration: 90 minutes
  • Green Pathways for Teens and Adults

    This program centers learning around leadership development, youth empowerment, and job training.
    Price: $200.00
    Duration: 3 weeks, Tuesdays, 4:00pm-6:00pm
  • Hidden Villa Art Contest

    Enter an original piece of art for a chance to win a special Hidden Villa prize!
    Price: Free
    Duration: 1.5 months
  • Open House

    FREE Admission. Come learn about all things Hidden Villa.
    Price: Free
    Duration: 4 hours
  • Painting With Nature

    Make a unique painting using the the beautiful materials around us!
    Price: Free
    Duration: 45 minutes
  • Preschoolers on the Farm Series

    There's so much discover on the farm, and with young curious minds at work we all learn so much together! In this three-week adventure, we we ask your child the questions and they discover the answers.
    Price: $30.00
    Duration: 1 hour per week for 3 weeks
  • Register to Hike!

    Hiking at Hidden Villa is possible with your reservation! All visitors must register to access property in advance.
    Price: $10.00
    Duration: 2 hours
  • Walk and Meditate with Mother Nature

    Join Dr. Deshmukh and others for an evening at Hidden Villa, where your hearts will be filled with the abundance of Love and Compassion and your hunger for Knowledge and Wisdom will be ignited
    Price: $10.00
    Duration: 3 hours
  • Wilderness Escape for Teens

    We invite you to this life-changing opportunity to connect on a deeper level, live in the present moment, and embody the authentic expression of oneself!
    Price: $275.00
    Duration: Friday-Sunday
  • Women's Full Moon Circle

    Join a group of inspiring women to tap into wisdom and co-create sacred space. Connect and commune with creative feminine energy, the Moon, singing frogs, hooting owls, Stars, Air, Earth, Fire, Water: The Greater Web of Life.
    Price: $25.00
    Duration: 2 Hours
  • Women's Healing Conference

    Gather with beautiful women and healers to share, learn, rest and inspire one another!
    Price: $145.00
    Duration: 1 day